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Subclavian Artery

This is the principal artery of the upper limb but also supplies part of the neck & brain through its branches Origin R subclavian art arises from brachiocephalic artery (trunk) behind R sternoclavicular joint L subclavian art arises from arch of aorta behind L CCA ascend to back of L sternoclavicular joint Course For descriptive

Internal Carotid Artery (Cervical Part)

The ICA is one of the 2 terminal branches of the CCA It is the principal artery to the brain & eye Its course is divided into 4 parts a) cervical part b) petrous part c) cavernous part d) cerebral part The cervical part is discussed here   Origin begins in the carotid triangle at

External Carotid Artery

The ECA is one of the 2 terminal branches of the CCA & is the chief artery of supply to anterior structures in the neck & face Origin begins in carotid triangle at level of upper border of thyroid cartilage (ie. btw CV3 & 4) Course runs upwards, slightly backwards & laterally enters substance of

Common Carotid Artery

Origin Right CCA branch of brachiocephalic artery (trunk) begins in neck behind R sternoclavicular joint Left CCA branch of aortic arch begins in thorax & passes behind L sternoclavicular joint Course runs in carotid sheath along with IJV & vagus nerve passes upwards & backwards in the neck, from sternoclavicular joint to upper border of