A 30 year-old female secretary presents with tiredness

Question Number 1143
A 30 year-old female secretary presents with tiredness. On questioning she admits to recent difficulties in swallowing and claims that she feels that she has something stuck in her throat. Her lab values (normal values in brackets) are included below: Hb 8.3 g/dl (12-15) MCV 71 (80-94) Iron 20 mg/dl (60-200) Ferritin 7 ng/ml (20-300) TIBC 495 mg/dl (250-435) Serum FE/TIBC (percentage) 5% A peripheral blood smear is shown above. Endoscopy on this patient is most likely to reveal the following pathology:
a) pharyngeal plasmacytoma
b) pharyngeal pouch
c) esophageal carcinoma
d) esophageal web
e) esophageal diverticulum


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