Psychiatry Drugs part 01

Mark wither following statements are True or False  ,Be aware of the fact that there can be more than one Correct answer in each MCQ

1) Significant Hyperlipidaemia is caused by

a) Clozapine

b) Olanzapine

c) Trifluperazine

d) Apriprazole

e) Haloperidol


2) WOTF drugs are mood stabilizers

a) Lithium

b) Lamotrigine

c) Imipramine

d) Carbamazepine

e) Trifluperazine


3) A 48 year old male presents with depression after 2 weeks of Myocardial Infarction. WOTF drugs can be prescribed for this patient?

a) Fluoxetine

b) Seratonine

c) Paroxetine

d) Imipramine

e) Amytriptaline


4) Following drugs cause depression

a. Venlafaxin

b. Propanolol

c. OCP

d. L-Dopa

e. Diazepam


5) Following drugs cause significant interactions with LI

a) Thiazide diuretics

b) Ibuprofen

c) Losartan K+

d) Carbamazepine

e) Imipramine


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