Psychiatry Drugs ( MBBS MCQ )

These all questions are TRUE/FALSE type questions ,Mark True or False for each statement  and also add your explanation ..


1) Significant Hyperlipidaemia is caused by

a) Clozapine

b) Olanzapine

c) Trifluperazine

d) Apriprazole

e) Haloperidol


2) WOTF drugs are mood stabilizers

a) Lithium

b) Lamotrigine

c) Imipramine

d) Carbamazepine

e) Trifluperazine


3) A 48 year old male presents with depression after 2 weeks of Myocardial Infarction. WOTF drugs can be prescribed for this patient?

a) Fluoxetine

b) Seratonine

c) Paroxetine

d) Imipramine

e) Amytriptaline


4) Following drugs cause significant interactions with LI

a) Thiazide diuretics

b) Ibuprofen

c) Losartan K+

d) Carbamazepine

e) Imipramine


5) WOTF are effective in the treatment of OCD

a) Clomipramine

b) Imipramine

c) Fluoxetine

d) Flooding

e) Exposure and response prevention


6) In the treatment of acute manic episode

a) ECT is given

b) Depot antipsychotics are effective than oral antipsychotics

c) Li acts within 1-2 days

d) Benzodiazepines doesn’t reduce agitation

e) Antipsychotics reduce agitation


7) Heroin

a) Known to cause respiratory depression

b) 20% mortality in withdrawal

c) Derived from poppy plant

d) Has a strong analgesic effect

e) Gives rise to tolerance


8) Following should be monitored in a child on Methylphenidate

a) Weight

b) Blood Pressure

c) Respiratory rate

d) TSH

e) Pulse rate

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