A male infant presents for his 2-week checkup

A male infant presents for his 2-week checkup. His vaginal birth was unremarkable and his parents express no concerns. The infant is exclusively breast-fed, feeding about every 4 hours. He has about four wet diapers daily and stools once a day. His weight today is 7 lbs 2 oz compared to a birth weight of 7 lbs 12 oz. His skin is anicteric, and he does not have signs of dehydration. The parents are very motivated to continue breast-feeding. Given this information, what advice would you offer his mother regarding breast-feeding?

A. Stop breast-feeding altogether.

B. Begin formula supplementation but continue breast-feeding every 4 hours.

C. No changes in breast-feeding are necessary.

D. Breast-feeding should be “on demand.”

E. Breast-feed every 1 or 2 hours around the clock.

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