A 33-year-old G1P0 presents with positive home pregnancy test

A 33-year-old G1P0 presents to your office for the first time, stating that her period is late and that she had a positive home pregnancy test. You confirm the pregnancy in the office, and the patient is nervous but happy about the pregnancy. You measure her blood pressure as 140/100, with other vital signs normal. The urinanalysis reveals no protein. Last menstrual period (LMP) and ultrasound date the pregnancy at 13 weeks, with a single intrauterine fetus seen. Follow-up blood pressure in a week is 142/96. She has not seen a physician for a while and denies a history of hypertension or other health problems. She is a nonsmoker, exercises 3 or 4 times a week, and works in an office. You diagnose her with:

A. Pre-eclampsia

B. Renal artery stenosis

C. Chronic hypertension

D. Pregnancy-induced hypertension

E. Anxiety

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