Answer :USMLE step 2 Mcq 286:A 30 year old male who has recently been divorced




Correct Answer: D

In Behcet's syndrome ocular findings are seen in up to 85% of cases, with arthritis present in about 50%, usually affecting the larger joints. Behcet's aphthous oral lesions are frequently the first manifestation of the disease. They are classified as minor (<1 cm) or major. Herpetiform ulcers (numerous 2-3-mm lesions throughout the oral cavity) can also occur. In contrast with Reiter's lesions, oral ulcerations in Behcet's disease are usually painful. They can occur anywhere in the oral cavity. Behcet's oral ulcerations are shallow, have sharp erythematous borders, occur in crops, and are covered with a grayish-white pseudomembrane. They last 1 to 3 weeks. Major ulcers are much more likely to leave scars on healing. Male genital lesions occur on the scrotum or penis . Morphologically they are similar to the oral lesions, although deeper. They are usually painful, and heal with scarring. Diagnostic problems are most common when only a few of the manifestations of Behcet's disease are present. Reiter's syndrome includes oral ulcers, ocular inflammation, and genital lesions, but the oral and genital lesions of Reiter's are usually less painful than Behcet's, the scrotum is more frequently affected in Behcet's, and conjunctivitis and urethritis are much more common in Reiter's than in Behcet's.


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