26-year-old female is admitted to hospital with palpitations

A 26-year-old female is admitted to hospital with palpitations. ECG shows a shortened PR interval and wide QRS complexes associated with a slurred upstroke seen in lead II. What is the definitive management of this condition? A.Accessory pathway ablation B.Lifelong aspirin C.AV node ablation

80yo, M. admitted hip injury.

80years old male admitted with hip injury  what is your spot diagnosis ?   Correct answer : Whitish linear structures are calcified Cysticerci. resembles a bullet-ridden body.

Which popular diet is thought to cause this extraordinary disease?

Presentation: Hand pain with areas of skin elevation. History of strict paleo diet for last 18 months Case Discussion: Paleo-induced mineral periostitis (PiMP) is a recently recognised disease attributed to the so-called “paleo diet”. It most frequently involves the metacarpals and phalanges producing perpendicular